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Beware of the road salt and anti-freeze!

Road salt and anti-freeze are toxic for our canine friends. It can be hard to avoid as the roads and sidewalks are covered in it during the winter months. Sometimes it can be difficult to see when the snow turns to slush! Being diligent about keeping your dog’s paws clean is critical for their health and safety. Make sure that you clean your dog’s paws after each walk to ensure that he or she does not get sick (from licking sore paws) and paws can remain pain free! Follow the steps below to effectively clean your dog’s paws:

1) Ensure that you are using non-toxic salt around your home for our canine friends.

2) Trim the hair between your dog’s paw pads so that the ice and salt does not accumulate.

3) After taking your dog outside, wash his or her paws thoroughly with soap and warm water. Dry the paws after with a clean towel.

4) When on walks, watch your dog to ensure that he or she does not lick his or her paws or eat the snow and ice.

5) If your dog is showing any symptoms (excessive salivation, excessive drinking, burns in mouth, vomiting, seizures, increased breathing rate, sleepy) of eating toxic chemicals, contact your vet right away.

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