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Thank you very much for helping us train Tessa through your private lessons. You gave our family a lot of useful information and we know how to work with her on the commands you taught us. It is so exciting to see some immediate results. You are a great trainer!

Joyce Lee, 2018.

Vancouver, BC




I whole-heartedly recommend Tricia for private puppy training! She is exceptionally patient and explains all concepts thoroughly.

Daniel McEwan, 2018.

Vancouver, BC


Lexi and Arctic.

Tricia at Canine Align worked really hard to provide a positive and interactive learning experience for everyone in our class, human and canine alike. Her class sizes are small (ours had 6 dogs) which allows for one on one time when you need it. We are looking forward to taking more classes in the future, just to keep our pups on their toes!


Katie Schultz, 2018. Vancouver, BC


We attended Tricia's kinder pups and polite paws classes. Tricia is very personable, patient and great at explaining training techniques. Our puppy has benefited immensely from attending Tricia's classes and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Chester and Diana Pogorski, 2018.

Vancouver, BC



I would totally recommend Canine Align! We called Tricia since we needed urgent help with our Westie and she was amazing to work with. Novak loved her from the beginning and she gave us some great advice. She helped us understand our puppy and we’re all doing better since. Thanks Tricia!

Novak and Valery Mata Roch, 2018.

Vancouver, BC


Diana, my rescue German Shepherd, and I have just completed 4 intensive training sessions with Tricia. Already there are encouraging signs that Diana's animosity toward other dogs has receded a bit. Like all good canine trainers, Tricia was training both Diana and me. She is a thoughtful, patient trainer who is continually observing the behaviour of the dog and the owner in order to increase the likelihood of success. She is highly organized and follows up on each session with written reports which include advice for the owner to follow between sessions. Tricia also has a quite engaging personality and very easy to work with: I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer.


Diana and Richard Peddie, 2018. Vancouver, BC


Tricia has been really great to work with, right from the first contact. She's really given us a lot of good tools to help with our dog's aggression and I am seeing improvement over time with my dog! She's always been on time, eager to work with our dog and available for questions if you're having trouble! I definitely recommend her!

Phelix and Crystal Matthews, 2018.

Vancouver, BC


Our dog Elio was reacting to cyclists, skate boarders and runners that passed by close to us on our walks. This started after we moved to the UBC area where cycling, skate boarding and running is a popular activity. We were referred to Tricia Sverre who visited us four times, developed a strategy to address Elio's discomfort, and trained us about how to implement the plan. Tricia was knowledgeable, personable, always on time and of course Elio loved her. She provided us with both the foundation knowledge that supported the strategy for addressing Elio's reactions and concrete steps to perform in a graded manner for Elio. After the first two weeks of training, Elio no longer reacted to situations on our walks and that has persisted to this day. Tricia clearly understood Elio's situation and was able to provide the behavioural therapy that addressed the problem. I recommend her as behavioural dog trainer without reservation. She was delightful to work with and was sensitive to our situation as well as Elio's.

Elio and Bruce Blasberg, 2017.

Vancouver, BC


Beyond Impressed! We've only worked with Tricia for 2 sessions with our 10 month old yorkie, Bernie and we can already see a huge improvement in his behaviour. Almost instantly in Tricia's training you see your dog respond to her commands through positive reinforcement, it feels like magic!

The best part of working with Canine Align is that our pup misses her after she's gone - it is clear that Tricia loves the animals she works with and has a passion for what she does. Highly recommended!

Bernie and Rebecca Rochon, 2017.

Vancouver, BC


Tricia is great!! My 6 month old German Shepherd, Callie, was very nervous around other dogs and as a result I couldn't bring her to dog parks and she was nervous every time we came across another dog on a walk. With Tricia's help, Callie learned to not only be comfortable around other dogs, but she now is excited to play with other dogs and her tail is always wagging!

Callie also was quite stubborn with recall and other basic behaviours (stay, drop it, leave it). With Tricia around Callie was eager to please and learned very quickly. I could not imagine trying to do this training without Tricia's help.

Aside from her amazing work, Tricia is professional, on time, and absolutely lovely! Her love for dogs and all animals is evident when she shows up to sessions. I will definitely contact Tricia in the future for any further help we need.

Callie and Stephanie Day.  2017.

Vancouver, BC


Our dog (70lb mix) was extremely anxious when we came home from the hospital with a newborn baby. It was clear to us that the little bit we had done to try to prepare him for the baby was insufficient.

We were referred to Canine Align (specifically Tricia) and are extremely glad we worked with her. It was clear after the first session with Tricia that our dog - Artie - was eager to learn and please and needed the proper training to become comfortable in this new setting. Tricia helped us enforce positive reinforcement strategies that helped Artie understand that good things happen to him when the baby is around. Since implementing these techniques, it is like night and day! After our final session, Tricia gave us great advice on how to move forward (particularly when our baby starts crawling).

Tricia was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Tricia and Canine Align to anyone looking to start training their dog but especially to those preparing for a baby!

Artemis, Laura and Jon Longstaffe.  2017.

Vancouver, BC


Tricia was great. Very patient and calm with the chaos of puppy class. She explained as well as demonstrated and gave a lot of good tips. I highly recommend her class.

Emma and Dana Clark.  2017.

Vancouver, BC

Mia & Luna.

We signed up for “Polite Pooches” through the Calgary Humane Society and that is where we met Tricia.  We enrolled in separate classes for each dog, partly to keep them focused and partly because they are so different.  Mia is quite shy and timid and Luna is quite the opposite.  Tricia taught us techniques that work with both dogs as well as pointers that apply specifically to their individual personalities.  It was a group class we were in but Tricia still found time to give each of us some one on one time when our dogs needed attention or were challenged with a skill.  Tricia clearly loves working with dogs – all types and all sizes.  We came away with the techniques and skills that will allow us to train our dogs to do pretty much anything.  We were very fortunate that we ended up in Tricia’s classes and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to welcome a well-trained and obedient canine addition to their family.

Luna, Mia, Liz Scott and Dean Olafson. 2017.

Calgary, Alberta    


We were having trouble with our dog, Chewie, who was barking when people came to our door. So, we called Tricia. Tricia was amazing. She was very professional and provided us with a ton of great ideas to help with the barking. She also educated us on why he was barking in the first place. She gave us so much information to help us better understand Chewie and his behavior patterns. We have continued to work with Chewie and we have had great success. We are happy to say that he is much better when people come to our house now!

Chewie, Erika and Conrad Yarmoloy.  2016.

Calgary, Alberta


Our family got our first dog last Christmas. It was a steep learning curve as Jack was only 8 weeks old when we got him and we had a baby on the way. We hired Tricia to help us out, her one on one guidance at our home was much preferred to group obedience classes. Tricia worked with us on whatever we were having issues with at that time. Her techniques are simple and easy to implement. Tricia's knowledge, patience and passion helped us to gain confidence and enjoy Jack more each day.

Jack, Kim and Fernando Magalhaes.  2016.

Calgary, Alberta


We are the proud owners of a fairly stubborn english bulldog named Ruby. After we had a baby, we wanted to give Ruby a refresher on proper dog behaviour. Tricia came and did a training session with us and Ruby, giving us many great tips on how to get Ruby to behave the way we wanted her to. Mostly, Tricia trained us to train Ruby, and it was amazing. Ruby was exhausted from having to actually use her brain, and we learned new ways to motivate her to walk on a leash and play when WE wanted to play. Also, Tricia trained a fish. A FISH.


Ruby, Natalie, and Tim Shaw.  2016.

Calgary, Alberta


Tricia has always been there for me and provided me with lots guidance when it came to training my little pup named Ella. She took it upon herself to come to my place and help me train Ella one-on-one. Through these sessions, she truly showed me the ropes of Clicker Training and I couldn't be more thankful. I was so lucky to have her support during the training process. Now, because of Tricia's help, Ella and I have developed a strong bond. Tricia has always shown Ella true compassion and she has an undying love for all dogs. I would recommend her consults to anyone! Thank you, Tricia!

Ella and Kaitlin Slack. 2017.

Calgary, Alberta

Olive, Captain & Humphrey.

Tricia Sverre completely changed how I handle my dogs. I used to be embarrassed and frustrated with my dogs' behaviour. After session one with Tricia my dogs were more responsive and obedient. Tricia has taught me easy to learn techniques to positively reinforce good behaviour. I have also become more creative in how I teach my dogs. They are happier, smarter and tired dogs at the end of the day.

Captain, Olive, Humphrey and Emily Abbott. 2016.

Calgary, Alberta

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