If your toddler tried to stick a screw driver into an electrical socket, you would remove the screw driver and cover the electrical socket until the child is educated enough to behave safely in the environment. How come management and education are our first choices wi...

Winston is an adolescent lab who gets very excited when his dog walkers arrive to take him for a run in the forest. He has been known to continuously jump up and whine while the walkers enter and wrestle the harness onto him. As you may suspect, many nose bleeds have o...

I think that we would all agree that trust is important in a relationship. Why should it be any different with our dogs? Using force-free training methods builds and keeps that trust, which creates a solid foundation to build on. Check out my website to learn more abou...

Check out this great Kong recipe! 

There are many benefits for giving your dog a food toy including:

1) the act of searching out the food stimulates their brain

2) mental stimulation is tiring

3) licking is a calming behaviour for dogs

4) food toys can keep your dog happy a...

January 15, 2017

Road salt and anti-freeze are toxic for our canine friends. It can be hard to avoid as the roads and sidewalks are covered in it during the winter months. Sometimes it can be difficult to see when the snow turns to slush! Being diligent about keeping your dog’s paws cl...

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November 21, 2018

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November 2, 2018

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