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Through positive reinforcement and marker-based training, we ensure that the training process is clear and enjoyable for you and your dog.  We use treats, praise, life-rewards, play and management to train behaviours.  

Dogs are opportunistic, meaning they learn what works and what does not work very quickly.  By rewarding behaviours we like, and ignoring/re-directing or interrupting behaviours we do not like, the good behaviours stick and the bad behaviours go away. 

Positive Reinforcement training takes the dog's emotional state into account. Dog's go through life learning what things are safe and what things are dangerous. It is important that dog's feel comfortable and safe in different environments and with different people. We teach you how to gain your dog's respect and trust through force-free methods. Not only will you have a well-trained dog, but you will have a loyal, attentive companion for life. 

For more information on our training methods, please check out the following resources on the right.

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